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Pluralism, Ideology That Indisputable

Islam, the religion-as blessed by God, not constantly face numerous challenges. A serious challenge is the challenge in the field of religious thought, both internal and external.
We already understand, fanaticism, blind imitation, heresy, and superstition (kesyirikan) has become an internal challenge to Islam. However, the introduction of pluralism [1] into the discourse of Islamic thought has become one of the external challenges that are very dangerous because they try to undermine the construction of monotheism in Islam.
Tawhid = Mission  of the Prophet
Readers who glorified Allah, Allah Ta'ala sent Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to remove humans from kesyirikan towards unity as He sent the prophets and apostles before him. Allah ta'ala says,
ولقد بعثنا في كل أمة رسولا أن اعبدوا الله واجتنبوا الطاغوت (36)
"And verily We sent a messenger to every nation (proclaiming):" Worship Allah (alone), and shun all forms of worship of Evil. "(An Nahl: 36).
This verse shows us that the purpose of coming of every apostle is to remove humans from kesyrikan toward monotheism, the worship of creatures to worship only Allah Ta'ala. The aim is at the intersection of religious teaching which is carried by every prophet, from the first to our prophet, Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
Ibn Kathir rahimahullah said,
وبعث في كل أمة رسولا أي: في كل قرن من الناس وطائفة رسولا وكلهم يدعو (5) إلى عبادة الله, وينهى (6) عن عبادة ما سواه: {أن اعبدوا الله واجتنبوا الطاغوت} فلم يزل تعالى يرسل إلى الناس الرسل بذلك, منذ حدث الشرك في بني آدم, في قوم نوح الذين أرسل إليهم نوح, وكان أول رسول بعثه الله إلى أهل الأرض إلى أن ختمهم بمحمد صلى الله عليه وسلم الذي طبقت دعوته الإنس والجن في المشارق والمغارب, وكلهم كما قال الله تعالى: {وما أرسلنا من قبلك من رسول إلا نوحي إليه أنه لا إله إلا أنا فاعبدون} [الأنبياء: 25]
[God sent a messenger to every nation, in every generation and class, they all call on (his followers) to worship God and disallow to worship other than Him. So God always sent his apostles to preach it the first time since the emergence kesyirikan the son of Adam, which is in the prophet Noah.
He was the first apostle sent by God to the inhabitants of the earth until the end of the apostles of God by sending Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, that preaching is for the jinn and humans, both located in the East and West, as pointed out in the words of Allah Ta'ala His (that means), "And We did not send any Messenger before you but We revealed to him:" Behold, there are no gods (the right) but I, so worship Me ye all "(Surat al-Anbiya: 25)]. [ 2]
Therefore, can we meet Al Quran often the main appeal of the apostles to preach to his people that contains the call to menauhidkan God and away from his opponent, namely kesyirikan. [3]
The conception of faith in Islam
Ironically, after preaching monotheism to them, people of every prophet's people leave or deviate from the teachings brought by the Prophets. They replace the monotheism taught by the prophets by kesyirikan to Allah Ta'ala. In fact, not half-hearted, they make these prophets, who have taught monotheism to them, as gods besides Allah Ta'ala. They have abandoned the conception of monotheism which is the conception of faith all prophets sent by Allah Ta'ala. Be they included in the group of people who ascribe Allah ta'ala (league). So this is what the difference between Islam the religion other than Islam.
Message of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam is to rectify the irregularities of monotheism. He was sent to reinforce the conception of monotheism of the prophets and it is explicitly affirmed in surat Al-Ikhlas,
قل هو الله أحد (1) الله الصمد (2) لم يلد ولم يولد (3) ولم يكن له كفوا أحد (4)
"Say:" He is Allah, the Almighty. God is a substance that depend on Him everything. He did not give birth nor begotten, and none equal to Him "(Surat al-Ikhlas: 1-4).
This conception of monotheism in Islam and is the basic foundation of a Muslim faith. Very different from the conception of Jewish and Christian faith. Although we both believe that God is our worship, the Day of Resurrection, where we will be responsible for our deeds before Allah Ta'ala. However, there are fundamental differences between us and them.God has been preaching these fundamental differences.
Allah ta'ala spoken,
وقالت اليهود عزير ابن الله وقالت النصارى المسيح ابن الله (30)
"The Jews say: Uzair is the son of God" and the Christians say: "Al was the son of God." (Surat At-Tauba: 30).
This verse announces that their faith is very different to what God hath spoken in surat Al-Ikhlas above.
They believe in Allah, but their faith in God mixed with kesyirikan. God has declared it in his words,
وما يؤمن أكثرهم بالله إلا وهم مشركون (106)
"And most of them do not believe in God, but in a state of divinities God (with other gods)" (Surah Yusuf: 106).
Yes, they believe in the existence of God and believe that God is the sole creator and ruler of the universe. However, they have gods other than Allah Ta'ala. Thus, their faith in God is faith mixed with kesyirikan, so that their faith is a belief that any vanity, the broken faith, because faith is not genuine faith mentauhidkan Allah Ta'ala.
Readers who glorified God, the monotheistic conception of Islam is what has distinguished by a religion other than Islam. The conception is what makes Islam as a religion the only one blessed by Allah Ta'ala as his word,
إن الدين عند الله الإسلام
"Surely the religion (which approves) with Allah is Islam" (Surah Ali 'Imran: 19).
Claims Refuted
Readers who glorified God, it was clear that there are significant differences between Islam and any other religions.Therefore, it's odd that still exists between the circles that want to equate Islam with any other religion, especially with what they call the heavenly religions (sky) [4] . Some bearers understand this would dare to claim that religion is on a mission to Jewish monotheism, Christianity, and Islam. In fact, based on the previous explanation, we can judge that the statement was clearly wrong. In fact, the claim that Jews and Christians is a monotheistic religion that brought the mission is a claim that is not appropriate, considering they just do not enforce the doctrine of monotheism, but upholding its opposite, namely kesyirikan.
The bearer of this understanding is often picked the arguments in the Qur'an, then do the "malpractice interpretation" [5]to support their understanding so that Muslims fooled. One of the arguments [6] , excuse-exactly-, which is often raised to justify their claim that all religions are equal is the word of God,
إن الذين آمنوا والذين هادوا والنصارى والصابئين من آمن بالله واليوم الآخر وعمل صالحا فلهم أجرهم عند ربهم ولا خوف عليهم ولا هم يحزنون (62)
"Verily, the believers, Jews, the Christians and the people Shabiin, anyone among them who really believe in Allah and the Last Day and work righteousness, they will receive a reward from their Lord, there is no concern to them, and not (also) they grieve. "(Surat al-Baqara: 62).
Based on this verse, the pluralist concluded that whoever believes in Allah, believe in the hereafter, doing good deeds, then they will get salvation in this world and the hereafter. In other words, faith in Allah, the final day and good morality is the principle basis for true religious person. Therefore, though one not formally embrace and implement Islamic law, but if he has three basic principles that he will get salvation. [7]
Conclusions are not exactly based on the following reasons:
a. Ibn Kathir rahimahullah has brought the history of As Suddi. He stated that this paragraph relating to the Companions Salman al-Farisi radhiallahu 'anhu. He said to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam that his companions do the praying, fasting, faithful to the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam and testified that he would be sent as a Prophet. When Salman finished praising them, the Apostle of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "O Salman, hell they are the experts." It feels heavy in the hearts of Salman. Then Allah revealed the verse. As Suddi return to continue that therefore the Jewish faith (in verse) is a person of faith who hold to the Torah and the teachings of Moses' upon whom be peace until the coming of 'Isa' upon whom be peace. When Jesus came, who adhere to the Torah and the teachings of Moses, did not leave and do not follow Jesus, then he was a wretch. And the Christian faith (in verse) is a person of faith who hold to the Gospel and the Shari'a, the Shari'a 'Jesus, then he became a believer and received - his faith - until the arrival of Muhammad sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. So, who do not follow Muhammadsallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam from them, and leave the teachings of Jesus and the Gospel, he became a wretched person. [8]
This clause is not contrary to His Word in the letter of Ali 'Imran verse 19. Ibn Kathir pointed out that the paragraph in the letter of Ali 'Imran was the news that after the prophet Muhammad was sent, all forms of road (tariqah) or by a charity will not be accepted by God but must be in accordance with the shari'ah Muhammad sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. Now, before he sent him, anyone who follows a prophet who is in his day, he was in a guide, the path of righteousness, and salvation.
So, this verse associated with Jews and Christians before the coming of the prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.However, after the coming of him, the legitimacy of the Jewish people and Christian faith depends on their faith in Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam. If they refuse, it can not be said to be people who believe in Allah and the hereafter. Thus, belief in Allah have a close relationship with the faith to the Apostle of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
b. The Koran verses explain one another mutually. Thus, it is not fitting for us to pick one verse without ignoring other verses. The pluralist is about to equate the Islamic faith with other religions. But, does our faith shape similar to shape their faith? The answer is no. God has affirmed this in His Word. God to preach about the People of the Book, Jews and Christians,
فإن آمنوا بمثل ما آمنتم به فقد اهتدوا وإن تولوا فإنما هم في شقاق فسيكفيكهم الله وهو السميع العليم (137)
"So if they believe such faith in you guys, really they had received instructions, and if they turn away, in fact they are in hostility (with you). The Lord will keep you from them. and He is the All-hearing, All-knowing. "(Surah Baqarah: 137).
God's Word clearly states they are not the same faith with the faith of the Muslims. Therefore, they will not get a clue before the faithful as the faith of the Muslims.
c. Even if they believe in Allah, but the form of their faith is faith mixed with kesyirikan. Therefore, God had taken them with disbelief.
Allah ta'ala says,
لقد كفر الذين قالوا إن الله هو المسيح ابن مريم (17)
"Now hath kafirlah people who say: Surely Allah is Al was the son of Mary." (Surat al Maidah: 17).
In another verse, Allah said,
كفر الذين قالوا إن الله ثالث ثلاثة وما من إله إلا إله واحد (73)
"Indeed kafirlah people who say:" Behold, God one of the three ", but never have the right to worship other than one God." (Surat al Maaidah: 73).
Faithful to God but also believe in god but Allah, it is kesyrikan to God and it is kufr. So there is no difference between the Quraish infidels by Jews and Christians, there is no difference between them, because they are the ones who polytheists to Allah. This is confirmed further in his words,
إن الذين كفروا من أهل الكتاب والمشركين في نار جهنم خالدين فيها أولئك هم شر البرية (6)
"Surely those who disbelieve, the scribes and those who are polytheists (will go) into the Fire: they will abide therein.They are an evil creature. "(Surat al-Bayyinah: 6).
d. Given these irregularities, God had sent our prophet, Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam to promote, disseminate, and enforce the religion of Islam so that Islam became the most high.
Allah ta'ala says,
هو الذي أرسل رسوله بالهدى ودين الحق ليظهره على الدين كله ولو كره المشركون (9)
"He it is Who sent His Messenger with the guidance and the true religion that He may win it over all religions even though the idolaters hate." (Ash Shaf: 9).
Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam has also been stated,
والذي نفس محمد بيده لا يسمع بي أحد من هذه الأمة يهودي ولا نصراني ثم يموت ولم يؤمن بالذي أرسلت به إلا كان من أصحاب النار
"For the soul Substance Muhammad was in his hands, not one of these people who hear me, whether he is attacking Jews or Christians, then die and do not believe in my teaching, he undoubtedly belongs to the inhabitants of hell." [9]
Wear off by itself
Thus, readers who glorified God, a description of evil pluralism. Understanding this is actually trying to fade Aqeedah of the Muslims with the herd slowly, using beautiful language riveting, which wrapped up with the slogan of religious tolerance. However, in essence, it is an attempt to strip the Muslim faith, because faith is one who agrees understand could fade by itself, without intervention (coercion) from other parties. Wal 'iyadzu billah.
If it is said that pluralism is intended to eliminate conflicts between religious violence that often occurs because of reluctant respect for diversity. Then this may be answered that Islam has pointed out how the life of mutual respect and respect among fellow adherents of different religions. History has recorded the glories of Islam in this regard. Islamic respect for diversity, but that did not mean that the Muslims must abandon belief that Islam is the true religion and provide salvation for mankind. The concept of respect for diversity (pluralism), without justifying that too much pluralism is shown in the verses that explain there is no compulsion to embrace Islam. In the Islamic concept, who want to believe, please believe, who want to disbelieve, please disbelieve. Consequently own risk. [10] [11]
Wallahul muwaffiq.
Buaran Indah, Tangerang, H. 1431 Syawwal
Author: Muhammad Nur Ichwan Muslim

[1] The notion that states all religions are different paths towards the same God. Or, in another sense, pengusungnya states that religion is a human perception is relative to God is absolute, so-because-it kerelatifannya every religious believer should not be claimed or believed, that religion is more correct or better than other religions, or claim that only their own religion is right. [Religious Pluralism: The Enemy of Religions; Dr. Adian Husaini].
[2] Tafsir al Quran al 'Azhim; Maktabah Syamilah Ash.
[3] Regarding this, the reader can see the letter Al A'raaf starting from verse 59 ff.
[4] The term "divine religions" (religions sky) This is actually an ambiguous term, because the essence of religion brought by Prophet Moses and Jesus is the religion of Islam, but with the form of shari'ah are different from each other.Prophet Muhammad also came later to improve the teaching of both. Sheikh Salih Sheikh alusy hafizhahullah have a very useful summary of exposure and with a variety of arguments about this in Fadl al-Islam Syarh pp. 57-59.
[5] The bearer of this understanding often interpret Quranic verses without methodological measures that can be accounted for interpretation disciplines. School contextual emphasized for a number of texts that allegedly antikemajemukan religious. And, on the other hand, the school literally applied to the verses that support pluralism.[Religious Pluralism; Tiar Anwar Bachtiar].
[6] Readers who wish to see further analysis of various verses are twisted by the pluralist can view the article our brother, Abu Mushlih, entitled The fall of the Principles of Pluralism and Mr. Muhammad Nurdin Sarim article titled Critical Review of Religious Pluralism.
[7] Critical Review of Religious Pluralism pp. 9; Muhammad Nurdin Sarim.
[8] Tafsir al Quran al 'Azhim; Maktabah Syamilah Ash.
[9] HR. Muslims: 153.
[10] Al-Kahf: 29.
[11] Religious Pluralism: The Enemy of Religions.

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