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People Cautious Never Felt Poor

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah said,
As for the word of Allah, the Exalted,
{ومن يتق الله يجعل له مخرجا} {ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب}
"Whoever fears Allah, He will make her way out. And provision of direction gave no thought to-but thought. "(Surah Ath Tholaq: 2-3). In this verse is explained that God would be eliminate hazards and provide a way out for people who truly fear Allah on him. God will bring him various benefits in the form easy fortune. Fortune is anything that can be enjoyed by humans. Fortune is meant here is fortune in this  world and the hereafter.
Some people say, "Those who fear it never felt poor at all." Then someone asks, "Why is that?" He replied, "Because Allah Ta'ala says:
{ومن يتق الله يجعل له مخرجا} {ويرزقه من حيث لا يحتسب}
"Whoever fears Allah, He will make her way out. And provision of direction gave no thought to-but thought. "(Surah Ath Tholaq: 2-3)"
Then someone asks again, "We witnessed that among those who fear Allah, there is not got nothin '. But there are some that are much rizki. "
The answer, the verse indicates that the righteous will be given rizki from an unexpected way. But the verse does not indicate that people who are not cautious not given rizki. In fact, every creature would be rizki as Allah Ta'ala says:
وما من دابة في الأرض إلا على الله رزقها
"And there is no moving creature on earth but Allah Who gives its fortune" (Surah Hud: 6). Even the servants who hit the bastard, including that given fortune. Pagans still be given fortune when fortune might be obtained by unlawful means, may be also a good way, perhaps even too hard earned.
While the righteous, God gave them from the road fortune unexpected. Their fortune not be obtained by unlawful means, nor may fortune them from the khobits (dirty-dirty). Please note that the righteous can not be barred from fortune he needed. He was barred from the excess material world as a mercy and kindness to him. Because be dilated  of his fortune may actually be dangerous to himself. While disempitkannya rizki even perhaps as a mercy for him. However, different case with the human condition that God tell me,
{فأما الإنسان إذا ما ابتلاه ربه فأكرمه ونعمه فيقول ربي أكرمن} {وأما إذا ما ابتلاه فقدر عليه رزقه فيقول ربي أهانن كلا}} {
"As for man when his Lord tested him and he is glorified and given him pleasure, then he would say:" My Lord has honored me. " But when his Lord tested it then restrict his fortune then he said: "My Lord humiliated". Certainly not (so). "(Surat al-Fajr: 15-16)
Actual is not the case. Not necessarily people who his fortune be dilated, it means be glorified. Conversely people who collapsed his fortune, not necessarily he humiliated. Maybe even someone be dilated him only as istidroj (for he was getting carried away with sin in). Similarly, a person may be collapsible his fortune to protect themselves from danger.Meanwhile, if anyone is collapsible his fortune, perhaps it is because of the sins that he had done as part salaf said,
إن العبد ليحرم الرزق بالذنب يصيبه
"A servant may be hindered fortune for him because of sin that he do."
In the hadith, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,
من أكثر الاستغفار جعل الله له من كل هم فرجا ومن كل ضيق مخرجا ورزقه من حيث لا يحتسب
"He who reproduce beg pardon, then God will always give it a way out of every narrowness and spaciousness of all the anxiety and God will give him the direction fortune he was not unexpected." [1]
Allaah has told us that the good it will remove the ugliness, seek forgiveness, is because the arrival fortune and various pleasures, while immoral is because the arrival of the disasters and difficulties. (We can see it in the following verses.)
Allah Ta'ala says:
الر كتاب أحكمت آياته ثم فصلت من لدن حكيم خبير (1) ألا تعبدوا إلا الله إنني لكم منه نذير وبشير (2) وأن استغفروا ربكم ثم توبوا إليه يمتعكم متاعا حسنا إلى أجل مسمى ويؤت كل ذي فضل فضله
"Alif Lam Raa, (This is) a book of verses neatly arranged and described in detail, which is derived from the side (God) the Most Wise, All-Knowing, that ye should not worship other than Allah. Verily I (Muhammad) is a warner and a bearer of glad khabar thee from Him, and let you ask forgiveness of your Lord and repent to Him. (If you do that so), He will give a good pleasure (continuous) to you until the appointed time and He will give to every person who has the virtue (reply) preferment "(Surah Hud: 1 - 3)
فقلت استغفروا ربكم إنه كان غفارا (10) يرسل السماء عليكم مدرارا (11) ويمددكم بأموال وبنين ويجعل لكم جنات ويجعل لكم أنهارا (12)
"So I say to them: 'Ask forgiveness of your Lord, surely He is Oft-Forgiving-, He will send to you by the torrential rain, and multiply wealth and your children, and make for you gardens and held (also in it) for you the rivers. "(Surah Nuh: 10-12)
{وأن لو استقاموا على الطريقة لأسقيناهم ماء غدقا}} {لنفتنهم فيه
"And that: if they keep walking straight on that road (in Islam), is really We'll give them a drink of fresh water (provision that many). For them we give a trial to him. "(Surat al-Jinn: 16-17)
ولو أن أهل القرى آمنوا واتقوا لفتحنا عليهم بركات من السماء والأرض ولكن كذبوا فأخذناهم بما كانوا يكسبون
"If these countries if people believe and fear Allah, surely We shall bestow on them the blessings of heaven and earth, but they belied (the verses of Us), then We seized them for their deeds." (Surat al A'rof: 96)
ولو أنهم أقاموا التوراة والإنجيل وما أنزل إليهم من ربهم لأكلوا من فوقهم ومن تحت أرجلهم
"And if they really run the (law) the Torah and the Gospel and (Al Quran) sent down to them from their Lord, they will get food from above and from beneath their feet." (Surat al Maidah: 66)
وما أصابكم من مصيبة فبما كسبت أيديكم ويعفو عن كثير
"And whatever misfortune that befall you it is caused by the act of your own hands, and God forgive most (from your mistakes)." (Surah Ash Shura: 30)
ولئن أذقنا الإنسان منا رحمة ثم نزعناها منه إنه ليئوس كفور
"And if we feel the man a grace (favor) from Us, and grace that we pull out of it, surely she became desperate again no thank you." (Surah Hud: 9)
ما أصابك من حسنة فمن الله وما أصابك من سيئة فمن نفسك
"What are the blessings that you get is from God, and what are the disasters that befall you, then from (error) yourself."(Surah An Nisa ': 79)
{فأخذناهم بالبأساء والضراء لعلهم يتضرعون} {فلولا إذ جاءهم بأسنا تضرعوا ولكن قست قلوبهم وزين لهم الشيطان ما كانوا يعملون}
"Then We seized them with (impose) misery and destitution, that they begged (to Allah) with humility subject. So why do not they ask (to Allah) with humility subject when Our punishment came to them, even their hearts have become hard, and syaitanpun splendor appeared to them what they were doing. "(Surat al-An'am: 42 - 43)
Allaah has told us in his book that He will test His servants with kindness or with ugliness. Kindness is meant is delicious and ugliness is unfortunate. This exam is intended for those tested as a servant of servants who are patient and grateful. In a saheeh hadeeth, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said,
والذي نفسي بيده لا يقضي الله للمؤمن قضاء إلا كان خيرا له وليس ذلك لأحد إلا للمؤمن إن أصابته سراء شكر فكان خيرا له وإن أصابته ضراء صبر فكان خيرا له
"For the sake of my soul in His hands. God is not set to the believer a provision but it good for him. It is not possible unless we meet in a believer. If she find happiness, he is grateful, then it's good for him. If he struck a danger, he is patient, then it's too good for him. "
Thus the explanation of Abul 'Abbas Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah rahimahullah in Majmu' Al Fatawa (16/52-54).Hopefully useful and can be as conditioned hearts are restless.
Alhamdulillahilladzi bi ni'matihi tatimmush sholihaat.
Bake-GK, 26 Jumada Awwal 1431 H (10/05/2010)
Author: Muhammad Abduh Tuasikal

[1] This hadith is said dho'if (weak) by Shaykh al-Albani. See Dho'iful Jaami 'no. 5471

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